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Terra Movement

Design comes in many forms, each one unique in its own way. While most types of design movements focus on function and form, biophilic design has an added component and serves an even greater purpose than most designs. Embracing biophilic design in our society will reconnect us with nature which is the key to solving so many of our problems, both individual and global.

If you have noticed, cities like Singapore and Copenhagen are starting to use the principles of biophilic design more to create a better living environment. No doubt, designers are starting to do a better job at…

Sustainable fashion is buzzing. Everyone is talking about it. And when you hear sustainable fashion, you also hear organic cotton. As a rule, organic materials, including organic cotton are more sustainable and better for the environment. But that doesn’t make them perfect. Nothing is.

To make your shopping more eco-friendly, you must become aware of the impact of different fabrics. There are still many people out there who still don’t know much about cotton even though it makes a large portion of their wardrobe.

Some of the questions I often hear regarding this material are: “Why is cotton bad?”, “Is…

We are surrounded by products in our every life. Some make our lives easier and some are just useless. Sadly, when someone wants to launch a new product, they put profits over the planet. But that needs to change. From now on, we must start making product design more sustainable because we are putting too much stress on the planet and its resources.

Just like we need to focus on making fashion more sustainable, it’s also necessary to make every-day products more eco-friendly because most of them are wasting too much energy and natural resources.

The Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment

To make a truly sustainable…

The earth is at a critical stage. People like you want to help the planet and do something meaningful. I get it. I often hear people saying ‘I want to help save the planet’. However, it can be rather overwhelming when the problem is so big and you feel like your actions won’t make a difference.

But you need to become confident and feel like you are powerful. If you are truly passionate about helping the world and its people, you need to get serious. Don’t expect it to be easy. Creating big change will take hard work.

There are…

Minimalism is becoming more popular and now there’s a new type of minimalism that people are choosing. Digital minimalism. As our society has become so intoxicated and addicted to technology, it doesn’t surprise me that so many are choosing to reduce their screen time.

Digital minimalism allows you to take your life back and stop wasting all your time scrolling, tapping, and double-tapping. It’s neither good for our health nor our minds.

I genuinely think everyone should become a digital minimalist. Or at least everyone should try it. It certainly isn’t something you will regret.

What is digital minimalism?

Digital minimalism is quite simple…

A common complaint in the sustainable community is that sustainable fashion is too expensive. When compared to fast fashion brands, they can indeed seem like spending so much on clothes is a waste of money. But I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to sacrifice a fortune to look stylish and sustainable. All it will take is a shift in mindset and finding the right brands for you.

What is sustainable fashion?

First of all, let’s define sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion focuses on making clothes without compromising the health of the planet or the well-being of the workers. It’s a way to…

We have access to a wide range of materials. But some have a bigger impact on the planet than others. We can’t continue with what we are accustomed to because it’s what is destroying the planet in the first place. We must strive to be more innovative and use sustainable building materials rather than the concrete we are (too) familiar with.

You’ll be glad to hear that there are many alternatives and they are nothing but boring. These sustainable building materials could revolutionize the way we design entire cities.

The problem with current building materials

At the moment, the way we build buildings and other structures…

Creating a mood board can be very helpful especially when you have no idea where to start. If you haven’t made one before don’t worry because here I will tell you what you need to know in order to create your very own unique mood board for your next project.

What Is The Purpose of a Mood Board?

First things first, what is the purpose of a mood board?

It is a way of communicating a range of ideas. Before starting a project whether it is graphic design or interior design, a mood board helps create the feel and style you desire.

Sometimes a mood board is just…

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If I was to give one piece of advice to someone, it would be to never stop learning. I love learning new things and new skills more than anything. Not only is it fun, but it’s so fulfilling. Whether you want to expand your knowledge on a topic you are already familiar with or start something you have no clue about, it’s good for your health and your mind.

Why do people stop (actively) learning?

Most people, after they finish school or university, just stop learning new things. …

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Plastic is covering the oceans, the ocean floor, land, natural ecosystems, and now studies show that microplastics are found in rain too. It’s everywhere and no one can escape it. We waste so many resources from wood to metal and textiles. In addition, it creates countless problems for us and the planet, and that’s why waste is such a big design flaw.

We are officially a throwaway society. It has become easier and cheaper to produce cheap items instead of looking after one and reusing it over and over again. …

Terra Movement

Using creativity to help the planet. We need more designers and creatives in the climate movement.

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